A Moon revolution. We try, we seek; we trust at last. The control upon energy levels has changed. Many things have. It's about being in the world.
Gathering and charging, raising energy. Will. Even in pieces, ill and tired, sore in every muscle, still it holds high. The emanation of the resulting force is spectacular.

I return in my nightly domain, ever-longing for the brilliant foreign realms of the Sun. No longer the one taken care of, but the one to take care, fulfill duties and have the hand over the course of its estate.

And my dreams are flying swift to the remote light flickering at the horizon, which could as well be a mere fancy of the mind. Still to be believed to be there. The mild and calming Moon still is watching over you, tomorrow at the peak of its influence; sending wishes and thoughts, energy and care, along its gentle silver beams.


The feeling is pretty much the same. It's not a feeling, it's a mood. The bleak light-heartedness and moderated go-for-it impulse, the no-tomorrow and no-longer-care. I'm on the go maybe, and quite differently, on the leave.
However it is not as it has been. Nothing retains me here but me.
It feels like I found my connection again.