For the sake of goodness, am I only willing to read what I want to in the first page search engine random entries about Moonstone?!...

"Stone of emotional balance"

"New beginnings, Re-birth."

"Like the moon, moonstone is a symbol of feminine energy. The meaning of moonstone is for the balance of emotions: balancing, calming, and healing. It helps the wearer bring their emotions under control. It helps balance the yin and yang."

"Like the moon, the meaning of moonstone is about cycles. For example, moonstone jewelry is helpful during a woman's menstrual cycle. As with the moon, moonstone symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings."

"The moonstone can act as a magical link so that you know easier what your life path really is."

"Moonstone is a very personal stone. It is a reflection of the person who owns it. It does not add or detract, only shows how it is. This is why the moonstone is said to perceive that which "is". Moonstone is an excellent stone to use in meditation to understand oneself."

This was I likely to regard as the precise cheap and shallow acceptation of "spirituality." But the unsettling aspect of all that would maybe not be the effects which occurred almost immediately after I got it back. Most troubling is that most of these ideas and symbols came to the fore and rose up to consciousness beforehand, leading to the imperious, prevailing intuition I had to get it back.
Fuck. I'm really baffled.

Who's laughing at me?!

This am I also not likely to accept as such. Moon - Milk - Mother. We are touching the core of things here - all time even more.